ready for the swapmeet

this awesome lady Jan did this portrait of me and gave it to me at our LA show on our last tour. its insane how real it looks.


painting my bike

my old sportster RIP

it will be rebuilt and it will ride again

i got this 79 honda CB400 hawk about a year ago. it had a blown engine case the wiring looked like a shit pile. covered in rust and crap as well. so far iv stripped all the rust and cleaned it up pretty well, painted the frame, polished the wheels. i got a another engine for it off of Ebay for 65 bucks. now i just need new gaskets and re wire the damn thing and hopefully kick it over. fingers crossed. then ill be doing a cafe seat and bars and  some new custom paint on the tins.

i got bored one day and decided to paint my surf board. pretty much everything i own is painted now. iv got a few more boards im going to paint. ill post those when they are done

just finished painting this 1200 sportster for my buddy right before i left for tour

on tour

some pics of the band on tour right now. almost home!!!!




 i get free burgers because of this bad boy

the real ninja turtle

im going to hell for this one but i cant help myself

eat shit and die

skate park in Louisville Kentucky

fucking craziest park iv ever skated.
that tube was at least 20 feet to the top


how to make a custom seat when your broke as fuck

i fucking hated the seat that came on my harley and im a small dude, so i decided to make myself a custom seat until i could actually buy a real one. and since im broke as fuck, i only had so much to work with. so here it is, my sweet as custom seat. made with a gardening knee pad ans some seat foam i found laying around. i road it like this for about a year and it wasnt all that bad.

my dad when he was my age


avenger helmets

these are a few helmets i did for  the guys at Avenger Helmets. these helmets are super comfortable and fit really small on the head so you dont look retarded. check them out at avengerhelmets.com