some new helmets im working on

all done ready for clearing

this is what i look like when i paint. my new respirator works great, to bad it makes me look like a rapist haha


now on to the new projects

two more helmets i need to finish next week
a helmet i did for my gf a while back

another one finished.

inside is relined as well     SOLD

finished clear and new outer trim in white

pamona street swapmeet

hit up the pamona street swap this morning. came up on some sweet old lace fabric and a mini dv video camera for 10 fuckin bucks!!!!! so syked


final clear, ready to go

some pics of the shop

some new shit lids

back from Europe and ready to start painting again. need to clear out and sell some stuff and start getting ready for the motorcycle swap.


U.K. tour

had a good time on the U.K. part of our tour. got to see a few people i havnt seen in a while and i ate Nandos chicken just about every day. when we were in Portsmouth, we played a club that just happend to be down the street from the WW2 D-day museum. portsmouth is where all the boats left for the beaches of normandy in WW2 on June 6th 1944. it was crazy to see all of the old guns and tanks and lookout towers out in the bay.