some paint i did

here is the sporty with matching helmet i painted a while back. these were taken at the last street chopper magazine party.

ready for clear

im doin this helmet for jason over at Eternal Combustion. these helmets are sick, they fit like a fucking glove. im also painting one of the moto 3 helmets for them, ill post pics of that one when i get to it. go to the link and check out what they got. some pretty cool shit those guys are doin.


some more helmets finished

these helmets are for sale. iv posted them on ebay as well but i will sell then from here if anyone is interested. the gold ones are size LARGE and the green one is X-LARGE


back to the bike

after the past chaotic week and this weekends few shows and the cycle swap combined, im feeling pretty shot. i had a few hours saturday morning before i had to head down to san diego so i finished up the relines on a few helmets and then i finally got to work on the honda build a little more.

here it is with the wheels finished, the pipes fitted and wrapped, and the new black clip on bars, notice the 4 holes where the risers use to be, ill weld those up soon and relocate the choke and ignition



im going to be set up at the long beach cycle swap. come pick up a helmet or some other odds and ends. its always a good time.


since im at a stopping point on the honda build due to waiting for parts, i spent the week working on some more helmets for the cycle swap on the 23rd. i still have to clear these and custom reline them.


the first test ride on the JAP TRAP

i didn't die and the bike didn't explode so, so far its a go


THE JAP TRAP 1979 honda cb400T1

about a year and a half ago, my friend had this bike sitting in his garage with a huge hole in the engine case from a blow push rod. after buying him lunch and a hat from bass pro and a california national forest adventure pass permit he handed over the bike. good luck fixin that shit.

after  a few months i was looking on Ebay and found an engine 90 bucks shipped to my door. fucking score. put it all together hooked up the wiring and the thing wouldnt fire. i messed with it for weeks.

after i moved into my new place, and after painting a lot, i finally had time to start working on it again. i took it all apart, and cleaned every part of that bike. took the carb apart cleaned out the jets, float bowls, every single part. put all new gaskets on everything. put it all back together. got a new battery, new spark plugs and replaced any wires that looked messed up. after i put it all back together i put some fuel in the carbs and tried kicking it over. after about a half hour of kicking it a sweating my ass off, the thing finally started.

so now im in the process of taking it all apart again and repainting all the parts and regreasing everything. here is what it looks like so far.

i finally got the little shit head to finally kick over.  the JAP TRAP is born!!!!! more pics and story to come.


helmet reline

im now doing full custom relines on all the helmets i paint. and i can reline your helmets as well. i have all different types of fabrics and prints. i do regular helmets for $65 and full faces for $90. i also offer the outer rubber trim in many different colors, just ask. email or call me with any questions.