THE JAP TRAP 1979 honda cb400T1

about a year and a half ago, my friend had this bike sitting in his garage with a huge hole in the engine case from a blow push rod. after buying him lunch and a hat from bass pro and a california national forest adventure pass permit he handed over the bike. good luck fixin that shit.

after  a few months i was looking on Ebay and found an engine 90 bucks shipped to my door. fucking score. put it all together hooked up the wiring and the thing wouldnt fire. i messed with it for weeks.

after i moved into my new place, and after painting a lot, i finally had time to start working on it again. i took it all apart, and cleaned every part of that bike. took the carb apart cleaned out the jets, float bowls, every single part. put all new gaskets on everything. put it all back together. got a new battery, new spark plugs and replaced any wires that looked messed up. after i put it all back together i put some fuel in the carbs and tried kicking it over. after about a half hour of kicking it a sweating my ass off, the thing finally started.

so now im in the process of taking it all apart again and repainting all the parts and regreasing everything. here is what it looks like so far.

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