shred the gnar

im going to start painting a bunch of decks for born free. so today at the long beach swap i picked up this old school deck. got bored at the end of the day and decided to paint it already.

painting another bass

rain or shine

went to the long beach swap today, fist time iv not set up a spot in a long time, just walked around and hung out.


working on the headlight mount

custom fit headlight

so for the rest of the day i decided to work on my headlight. i got one of the smaller bobber headlights from the sportster specialty shop. as of right now iv been running an old yamaha enduro headlight, one of the oldschool ones with the on/off toggle switch. wanted to go small and custom fit it tighter into the fron of the bike, this is how it turned out


got my rifle sighted in perfect the other day, so syked

started on this helmet just after lunch today. coming along pretty good so far

more helmets done

worked on these 2 the past few days. just finished the reline this morning
started working on this one a few days ago. sold it before it was even done. i like this one a lot. almost didnt want to sell it


over the weekend i hung out with my buddy Nate from BLKBRD clothing . went shooting in the canyons, rode up ortega to Hells Kitchen for lunch, got some wild boar jerky. day off from painting and wrenching was much needed.